In an interview with German newspaper, Der Spiegal in 2013, artist Georg Baselitz declared ‘Women simply don’t pass the test’. He was referring to female artists within the art market. ‘Women don’t paint very well. It’s a fact.’

In 2015 he expanded on this opinion in a feature in The Guardian, 2015. ‘Normally, women sell themselves well, but not as painters.’

In an article for Bonhams’ own magazine it was announced, ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged that women artists, both dead and living, are woefully undervalued.’

XX presents four painters represented by Brocket Gallery. As a side, they are four women. Painters. Artists.

We selected these artists purely for their technical ability, practice and fundamentally how the application of paint results in the artists’ individual narrative.  All are process led through their tools and materials, an organic journey complimented by their natural capabilities and enhanced by subsequent formal training.

These artists do not paint in response to being a woman, nor in protest to critique of ‘women painters’. As selling artists they are not bound or steered by formalities of gender or gender studies, simply by aptitude and audience response.

It seems females make up the majority of art school students, yet according to journalist Maura Rily for Art News, less than 20% are represented in the annual solo programmes at many of the international centers for art. We therefore thought we might boast:

4 artists

4 women

100% behind the painting

XX is a painterly programme for 2016 in our London project space. Catalogue to accompany exhibition series available March 2016.