Totentanz: A Work In Process

Painter and Printmaker, Jack Bullen & Contemporary Dancer, Agnese Lanza have been collaborating for over three years to develop and interpret the theories of German Movement Analyst, Rudolph Laban, exploring how to transfer his principles on to canvas.

Totentanz: A Work in Progress meets the artists at a half-way point in their current project. Through choreography, video, sound, long exposure photography and sketches, both practitioners seek to transcribe Hans Holbein's Dance of Death. 

The foundation of this work focuses on Laban’s theory of dynamics, a system analysing the characteristics that occur within a movement, with respect to an inner intention.

The difference between punching someone in anger and reaching for a glass of water is slight in terms of body organisation - both actions rely on the extension of the arm for instance - but the strength, control and timing of the movements are very different. 

Bullen and Lanza are alumni of City & Guilds of London Art School and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance respectfully. Their continuing collaboration will culminate in a Brocket exhibition in the Autumn of 2016.

24.09.15 - 17.10.15