Selected Artists: Collectors Edition

Brocket Gallery partner with ELX Arts to present exciting new works of art, each for under £500!

Whether you are looking to add to your current collection or begin your own, A Collectors Edition will create an accessible platform from which to do so!

Purchasing an artwork often isn't just a financial commitment, but very much a reflection of your taste and personality which can be an intimidating prospect.

Brocket Gallery are working with ELX to provide affordable pieces that can work as an ideal base from which to launch your collection, if not an ideal Christmas gift or tasteful addition to your home. 

All works through A Collector's Christmas will be available for under £500. Brocket will also launching a payment scheme to make buying your art piece more manageable over a number of instalments. 

Fear not that you will have no confidence in explaining your aesthetic choices! Brocket always talk through the work, the maker and artistic processes with each of their clients and provide copies of all information for your files. 

08.12.15 - 13.02.16