Resisting Valhalla

The second exhibition in Brocket Gallery’s Curated Painting Programme, XX, Resisting Valhalla presents a body of work exploring and revisiting the drawings, photographs and video footage recorded by artist, Victoria van Holthe, while sailing across the Atlantic Ocean with her father in the winter of 2013.

The artist's intention is for the work to be evocative of the atmosphere and elements experienced during this memorable journey, considering timelessness, submersion, repetition, infinity, vertigo and ultimately the power of nature. The title of the exhibition pays homage to the vessel she sailed in and is reflective of her parent’s Nordic routes.

“Crossing the Atlantic with my father has been a unique and pivotal experience.  I was able to totally escape everyday life and become absorbed in the experience of being at sea. Life becomes simple and external distractions are minimal. Weather and daily progress become paramount. The purity of the environment defined by no more then the microcosm within the confines of Valhalla’s hull, and the great expanse of ocean with its 360 degree horizon line was meditative and visually significant.”

Despite working from an actual experience and personal narrative, van Holthe's practice remains process led, particularly concerning her mediums in the physicality and properties of the paint and specific mixed media. Through the use of layering, directional brush marks, drips and areas of glazes the artist forms her own striking visual language.

“I am fascinated by the interaction various materials have with each other. My process in combining these materials reflects the organic subject matter I often start from. I enjoy a certain lack of control and the new discoveries I then make.”

03.05.16 - 28.05.16