Paradigms of Dress - An Illustrative Intervention

Director, Lizzie Glendinning and a number of Brocket team members have long had association with dress history, fashion curation and fashion marketing.

The first in a new series of dress related exhibitions, events and screenings, Paradigms of Dress: An Illustrative Intervention showcases fashion illustration from a number of dynamic, international artists.

Running parallel to the British Fashion Council’sLondon Fashion Week, this off-schedule drawing exhibition gives a  promotional platform for these emerging fashion practitioners.

During the  exhibition run we will be screening a fashion focused film as an introduction to the ‘Brocket Presents’ programme.

Mary Benson, Josh Bristow, Sadie Clayton, Jui-Chen Hu, Sarah Jefferon, Kairou Lee, Danielle Meder, Frida Wannaberger