Nothingness Of Our Own Existence

Brocket Gallery is pleased to present Clementine McGaw's new explorational series/installation, 'Nothingness of Our Own Existence’, as she questions and analyses the potentiality of our own existence through paint.  The bold, textural paintings are treated as sacred human/non-human objects which McGaw relates to flesh, challenging the viewer to reflect on their own experience, or memory, within a greater existence.

The body of work is heavily inspired by the writings of Philosopher, Julia Kristeva and Psychoanalyst,  Darian Leader, as well as theories on human potentiality by Georgio Agamben.

‘The painful realisation that the object already contains the possibility of non-existence-a nothingness has been created’

Darian Leader

More information about exhibition touring in Milan here

01.03.16 - 31.03.16