Collecting Artwork

"Collecting is an infection which is more intractable than any virus and from which there is no inoculation and no immunity."
- Arthur Sackler

Purchasing artwork isn't just a financial commitment, but very much a personal reflection of your taste and personality, which can be an intimidating prospect.

  • How do you know what to buy or who to buy it from?
  • Are you able to talk about the work you have purchased?
  • Do you feel the need to justify your aesthetic choices 

Brocket Gallery aim to present an accessible platform from which to enhance your current art collection or begin your own, while learning the language of 'art speak' and to confidently talk through your collection, the artist and their processes. 

Providing affordable pieces that can work as an ideal base from which to launch your collection, Brocket Gallery's artists are situated at the fore of contemporary fine art practice with an accumulation of awards and acclamations making them the perfect investment.

Starting A Collection

Everyone starts collecting in a different way. Many begin by buying things that appeal to them, and then slowly work at acquiring knowledge about how to build a collection. Others may want to develop some background about art and the artists who have created the work before they begin buying. 

For those of you looking to begin a collection of your own, Brocket Gallery is an ideal starting spot. All our artists are early to mid career artists so there couldn't be a greater time to invest in their work. All our artists are chosen because we truly believe in their talent and artistic vision, these artists are the future leaders of their field. But don't take our word for it ... come visit and take a look for yourself.

Keep asking yourself what it is about the work that draws your attention. Is it the aesthetic decisions taken or the concept behind the work that attracts you? This will help you understand your personal 'aesthetic' and enable you to grow your collection with confidence.   

Finally start small. Original etchings are a fantastic and cost effective way to develop your collection. For more information on the types of limited edition prints and the processes involved in their creation click here. 

Commissioning Artwork

The commissioning of artwork is one of the most personal,  exciting and rewarding ways of developing your collection. The process allows you to become fully engaged with the making process and allows you to directly support and develop a closer relationship with an artist you admire. 

Brocket Gallery can help guide you through the process of commissioning artwork, holding personal one on one meetings with the artist in order to better visualise your vision. Fore more information or to begin commissioning a bespoke piece of work contact us via email or drop in to discuss your idea further. 


The framing of artwork is a potential minefield for even long term collectors and is it is always a good idea to ask advice. Brocket Gallery has an extensive number of framers that we use and therefore are able to provide you with exceptionally good rates.

From advice on mounting to the difference between normal, non reflective or art glass we are able to guide you through the best options available.