Monthly Payment Scheme

Purchasing artwork isn't just a financial commitment, but very much a personal reflection of your taste and personality, which can be an intimidating prospect. Brocket Gallery endeavours to make all our artwork accessible to anyone with an passion or interest in art.  Brocket Gallery's monthly payment scheme makes the purchasing your art-piece more manageable over a number of instalments. 

Brocket always guide their clients through the work, the maker and artistic processes. Copies of all information accompany the piece to it's new home.

How it works:

First and foremost find the artwork that speaks to you personally. As mentioned above the acquisition of art is possibly the greatest reflection of your personal taste and aesthetic. Art is a wonderful investment but always trust your instincts. We have a wealth of knowledge about each artwork so please ask for more information. 

Once you have decided on the piece you would like you will be asked to fill in your billing details securely via Paypal. 

The price of the work is divided equally into four monthly instalments, the first of which is taken at checkout. 

You will then be informed when you free to take the artwork home once the exhibition has finished. We include a free hanging service to anyone who lives locally. 


More information on starting a collection here