Mapping The Form: An Exercise in Process


Formulating parallel concerns in response to their tools, materials and the organic journey of their artistic practice, Brocket London is delighted to be showcasing the work of Neave Brown and Victoria Van Holthe, who, despite a sixty year age gap, highlight a contemporary preoccupation in process led experiments through the evocative forms and layered surfaces of their paintings.

Celebrated Modernist Architect and Exhibition Designer, Neave Brown, retrained in retirement as a Fine Artist, having continued to sketch and paint throughout his illustrious career. The textural, expressive arrangements of Brown’s images reflect an increased sense of creative freedom following the more considered architectural planning of his former years.

“I prefer the sense of engagement and a sense of the threatened and untidy psyche; its internal dynamics and conflicts; a view of the simultaneity of complex self and complex world.”

For Victoria Van Holthe, it is the materials that undermine the authority of a fixed image, creating tension between the process and the surface.  Graduating from City and Guilds Art School in 2013, the evolving formations produced from Van Holthe’s application of inks and paints create an energy that radiates through the depth and fabrication of her finished pieces.

Brown and Van Holthe have previously exhibited together at the Royal Academy where they presented a number of etchings as part of the 2014 Print Fair.

09.04.15 - 25.04.15