Greater Depths: Redefining Watercolours

Featuring painterly explorations by former landscape architect Edward Hutchison and Painter-Stainers award winner, Lucienne O'Mara, Greater Depths illustrates the versatility of watercolour as a medium, from obscuring figurative narratives to scientifically exploring the luminosity and depth of each colour.

Both practitioners innovative methods subvert the traditional approach to watercolour and result in exciting, vidid abstractions. O'Mara initially follows in the tradition of watercolour as a way of speedily notating and exploring subject matter. This evolves into using the paint to blur and obscure her erotic compositions. Hutchison explores the structure and properties of the watercolour through a methodological system of building up paint in quick, crisp layers and recording each new finding of colour and luminosity, creating a stimulating portfolio of work that delves in to the thought process of the artist.

Brocket London is privileged to be showcasing these exceptional boundary breakers the field of watercolour exploration, and is delighted to work alongside them as their avant-garde approach develops to produce further inspiring work.