PRINT SOUTH... / by Lizzie Glendinning

Yesterday Brocket Director, Lizzie, and Woolwich Print Fair Coordinator, Ed, visited Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair Exhibition Partner, Slaughterhaus Print Studio in Stockwell, London for the inaugural meeting and initial think-tank of PRINT SOUTH.

Brainchild of Slaughterhaus' Michelle Averson, PRINT SOUTH is a new platform connecting anyone to do with printmaking in (to begin with) South London.

Taking inspiration from the International Print Biennale that brings similarly minded people together through the north-east of England, PRINT SOUTH will be a members database of print-makers, studios, galleries, dealers and collectors, working together to host exhibitions and events, educate and inform as well as generate sales - after all this is the market we are all in!

Over multiple coffees and a generous selection of delicious breakfast delicacies, the founding members exchanged ideas and expertise, structuring the manifesto, remit and initial projects for this exciting new initiative.  

With the pending Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair,  PRINT SOUTH is pertinently situated within current contemporary art discussion and will prove an invaluable resource for Printmaking and its associates.